It’s Been Yummy

There’s just something about the food this week…Yesterday was Thai, today was Italian-ish.

The conversations have been good, too, the company made it even better, and all the food we ordered tasted extra yummy. We didn’t go anywhere new or order anything new (except maybe one dish), but thinking about it now, I think it was the way we enjoyed the food together that made it extra yummy. Normally, we would each order our own dish and share an appetizer, but this time around we ordered a few things off the menu and shared it family style. It happened organically. Did I mention that the food was extra yummy?

I joined Eme and Laura for lunch today at the last minute, it was the second time in a row. As I sat down, their Chocolate Cheesecake was served and I ordered iced tea – and not just any iced tea, it was iced China Mist Tea. Though they did not have much time left in their lunch hour, our conversation was not rushed at all and time, well, time took its time.

To sum it up…We talked about trying a new restaurant that one of us has never been to, which led to one of us sharing a scandalous story about a restaurant owner and his cheating ways and the yummy food at his restaurant, which led to one of the girls sharing that she was not comfortable going to said restaurant because of the owner’s cheating ways, which led to a whole conversation about long-term relationships gone wrong and Johnny Depp.

After taking a moment and taking care of our bill, we decided to go to an Indian restaurant tomorrow.

It was interesting and it also related to how today was for me – filled with randomness and all over the place.



Monday Night Shenanigans

Mister A and I met up with friends and family for dinner at Shenanigans, a local restaurant that a good friend of mine owns. We were there for about three hours, chatting over yummy food and China Mist iced tea – unsweetened, of course. I saved up all my calorie allowance for the day for this delicious meal:

It was worth it, don’t you think? It was worth it even more when they surprised me with a birthday cheesecake. Oh, my!