I went to Tinian this morning to present a trophy to the Senior Division winner of the 9th Annual Valentine N. Sengebau Poetry Competition. It was a very short 15 minute flight  in a 4-seater plane, but I was nervous the whole time. When I arrived, I waited for a friend of mine who was on the flight after me so that we could grab breakfast at Fleming’s. After, we headed over to the high school where Education Day festivities were in full swing. Right when I stepped out of my rental car, they called for a representative from the organization that I work for to come up and present the award. That’s me! I was surprised. I did not expect to be part of the program let alone be called up. It wasn’t too bad, though. I announced the winner and we did a little photo op and my job was done.

After the event, by chance, I had lunch with the leadership group of the Public School System and then headed to the airport. I was supposed to return on the 1:30pm flight, but unfortunately for me, it left early. I was told that there were flights every 30 minutes, but  I ended up having to wait two and a half hours for the next one because the “airline company” requires at least two passengers for the airplane to make an early run and no one showed up. Plus, they had to fix one of the tires, which worried me a bit because just yesterday there was a plane crash and all these crazy thoughts started flashing before me.

Anyway, here’s a photo that shows just how close the two islands are:

Tinian is on the left and Saipan is on the right. Preparation for take off and landing took about five minutes and airtime was the remaining ten. Below is a photo of my fancy Freedom Air ride: