She is a beautiful woman. Soft spoken and intelligent and unlike many of the women from where I am from. I know that I do not know her very well, but I like what I do know about her.

I was preparing some photos to send Lupe when I got a call from the accounting office that does my taxes. My tax documents were ready for my signature and since I needed clarification on some other tax matters, I drove over to their office right away. As I was signing the forms and chatting with one of the ladies, I noticed Lupe sitting across the room. I though, “What a pleasant surprise!”

I said hello and she said hello and then asked me not to leave right away. I told her that I wouldn’t and that I was just at my office gathering the photos I promised her since last year. She was excited and happy to hear about it. When she got done taking care of her tax documents, she walked over to me and invited me to join her for a late lunch at the cafe downstairs. I thought to myself, “Wow! This must be one of those life moments I love!” So, I accepted her invitation and told her that I would meet her as soon as I get done.

And so, I did.

We had such a nice time! We talked about our perspectives on work, social expectations and norms and about our significant others. I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed the time I spent with her and I think she felt the same way because she said that she would like to meet up again.

I really do love random life moments such as running into someone after not seeing them for a long time and then doing something unexpected with them. It gives me a special memory of them that I cherish. One of my memories of Lupe will be the nice conversation we shared today over soup and espresso cheesecake at a cafe, at three o’clock in the afternoon, on a Thursday. It is a memory that is so simple but lasting and I think it’s one those little somethings in life that is so beautiful.


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