When Laziness Strikes

L-A-Z-Y. That was me from the moment I woke up.

I did not do anything productive today.

Unless, you consider cooking lunch and heading out to get food and hygiene products productive.

That was it, really.

These past few weeks have been busy and eventful. The good and bad kind.

And it was my first real Saturday off.

I haven’t been getting enough sleep.

Clocked in a few ZZZs here and there, but I still felt restless.

Tomorrow is another day off. Another real day off.

I might go to church in the morning. That’s the only thing that requires me leaving the house.

Other than that, I’m staying home.

Mister A has to work, so he’ll be gone all day.

I have so many things to catch up on – both at work and at home.

Maybe I’ll be more productive tomorrow.

If not, there’s always the day after…


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