35 Years

I spent most of the day scanning pictures of my mom at work. She has been working for DFS for 35 years. Isn’t that amazing?! Tomorrow night, the company is having their annual party and they are going to surprise my mom with a presentation of pictures of her at work throughout the years. She will also be receiving an award. Unfortunately, my father, brothers and I will not be able to attend the event because it is strictly for employees only. Wish we could be there, though. We are so proud of her! Here’s a picture of her taken in the 70’s:



PT Aches

I had my first physical therapy session today in over two weeks. TWO WEEKS, PEOPLE! I was busy with Humanities Month for work, volunteering for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, my big brother’s political campaign, and trying to deal with the unexpected death of a loved one. Now that things are somewhat back to normal and I feel like I’m somewhat back to normal, I have the time and focus I need to finish up my physical therapy.

It has been a little over two weeks since my last appointment but MONTHS since I last worked out with my trainer. My body is feeling the repercussions of my lack of intense physical activity and healthy eating. Today, I had to do a few exercises on the reformer and on the mat while holding myself up and now my arms are aching. It was tough. I really did let myself go these past few months. But, no sweat! I am happy to challenge myself to get back in shape. I’m going to rest up for now so that I will be ready for tomorrow’s set of required at-home PT exercises. I hope my aches and pains will be gone by the time I wake up.

Here’s to good health!


I went to Tinian this morning to present a trophy to the Senior Division winner of the 9th Annual Valentine N. Sengebau Poetry Competition. It was a very short 15 minute flight  in a 4-seater plane, but I was nervous the whole time. When I arrived, I waited for a friend of mine who was on the flight after me so that we could grab breakfast at Fleming’s. After, we headed over to the high school where Education Day festivities were in full swing. Right when I stepped out of my rental car, they called for a representative from the organization that I work for to come up and present the award. That’s me! I was surprised. I did not expect to be part of the program let alone be called up. It wasn’t too bad, though. I announced the winner and we did a little photo op and my job was done.

After the event, by chance, I had lunch with the leadership group of the Public School System and then headed to the airport. I was supposed to return on the 1:30pm flight, but unfortunately for me, it left early. I was told that there were flights every 30 minutes, but  I ended up having to wait two and a half hours for the next one because the “airline company” requires at least two passengers for the airplane to make an early run and no one showed up. Plus, they had to fix one of the tires, which worried me a bit because just yesterday there was a plane crash and all these crazy thoughts started flashing before me.

Anyway, here’s a photo that shows just how close the two islands are:

Tinian is on the left and Saipan is on the right. Preparation for take off and landing took about five minutes and airtime was the remaining ten. Below is a photo of my fancy Freedom Air ride:

Monday Night Shenanigans

Mister A and I met up with friends and family for dinner at Shenanigans, a local restaurant that a good friend of mine owns. We were there for about three hours, chatting over yummy food and China Mist iced tea – unsweetened, of course. I saved up all my calorie allowance for the day for this delicious meal:

It was worth it, don’t you think? It was worth it even more when they surprised me with a birthday cheesecake. Oh, my!

Clean House

I guess the theme for this weekend is laziness with minimal productivity.

I woke up, took a nap, ate, watched movies, picked up my clothes from the seamstress, organized a few shelves, and did a load of laundry.

That was my Sunday in a nutshell.

Once again, I was hoping to clean and organize and transform myself into a housewifey, but that did not happen. I was hoping that I would make enough progress that Mister A would notice when he got home, but no luck. Laziness won once again. Laziness and Hulu.

So, the house is still a mess. The mess doesn’t really bother me so much. Only when someone wants to come over or shows up unexpectedly. I mean, I don’t do that to you, so don’t do that to me. Unless, you’re one of my people. My people know who they are and my people are always welcome.

Mister A was in a training most of the day and then he went to play tennis a while after. When he got home, he threatened to sort all the clean laundry on the sectional. I’m worried. I hope he was joking because if not, that would totally mess with my self-diagnosed OCD.

I guess I really, seriously need to make the time and take the time to clean house. I’m an adult now, right? So, that means I need to shape up, right? Can’t I wait until I’m 30 years  old to start acting like an adult?

Too many questions, I know.

One last one…I promise. To myself. And you, if you have any helpful tips for me.

Why am I so lazy and unmotivated to clean and organize our home and maintain it?


When Laziness Strikes

L-A-Z-Y. That was me from the moment I woke up.

I did not do anything productive today.

Unless, you consider cooking lunch and heading out to get food and hygiene products productive.

That was it, really.

These past few weeks have been busy and eventful. The good and bad kind.

And it was my first real Saturday off.

I haven’t been getting enough sleep.

Clocked in a few ZZZs here and there, but I still felt restless.

Tomorrow is another day off. Another real day off.

I might go to church in the morning. That’s the only thing that requires me leaving the house.

Other than that, I’m staying home.

Mister A has to work, so he’ll be gone all day.

I have so many things to catch up on – both at work and at home.

Maybe I’ll be more productive tomorrow.

If not, there’s always the day after…

28 Years Young

Celebrating My 28th.

I am 28 years old today.

I had a wonderful day filled with love and many blessings.

…with yummy food and thoughtful gifts.

I can’t help but wonder about what this year has in store for me…

I am optimistic. I am hopeful. I am excited.

I am also a little scared…

Here’s to my 28th!